Clarifying My Hair

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I said I needed to clarify my hair and I was right. On Friday night I added some baking soda to my shampoo (homemade clarifying solution), and I washed my hair with it. It was after 10pm and I was too tired to stay up and dc my hair, so I put in the conditioner, wrapped it up in cling film, and tied a scarf and went to bed. Yes I slept with conditioner in my hair. It is what you call super deep conditioning and it’s perfectly safe.

I woke the next morning and washed out the conditioner, and my hair was soooooooooo soft! I’d forgotten my hair could get that soft. The comb went through my hair like butter, and absolutely no tangles. I think I should clarify now at least once a month.

I decided to attempt this fauxhawk style, but it came out a little bridal looking. But I don’t mind, I think I like it and will definitely play around with the style a little more.

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    • The scarf method is a way of air-drying your hair without looking like a hot mess!…lol. After washing your hair you just put it in a ponytail and tie a scarf round your head like I did in the picture. You can then take out the ponytail or leave it in…(it’s up to you), and sit back and relax while your hair dries. This method lets your hair lay flat which makes it easier to put in a bun or other styles. Check out my wash day post .

      Hope this helps
      The BBF

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