Getting Rid Of Scars And Blemishes

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Getting rid of scars, blemishes and other forms of skin discolorations is something in my experience that needs time, patience and persistence. It’s definitely not something that happens over night.

For me personally over the last few years I’ve kept a steady regimen of exfoliating regularly, using gentle lighteners and constantly using sunscreen.

Exfoliating gets rid of dead and damaged skin cells, and increases collagen production.  By incorporating regular exfoliation into your skin care routine, you will generally have brighter and smoother looking skin. The use of products with alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid, and lactic acid are good exfoliators. For me personally glycolic acid is too strong so I prefer lactic acid. My favorite exfoliator that’s pretty gentle is papaya enzyme. I love products that have papaya enzyme.

Like I said in an earlier post black skin is prone to hyperpigmentation so when we get break outs or anything that causes scars, our skin sometimes produces excess melanin, thus causing the darkening of the affected area. A good way of preventing scars or blemishes from darkening is to use skin care products with melanin inhibiting ingredients, otherwise known as skin lighteners.  When using lightener stay away from harsh bleaching agents like hydroquinone, mercury etc. They are quite harmful. Instead look for natural melanin inhibitors like licorice extract, arbutin, mulberry extract, and vitamin C. The ingredients work gently to reduce discoloration.

Regardless of exfoliating and the use of skin lighteners sunscreen is really important. Exfoliating and lighteners increase the skins sensitivity to sunlight, so when using either or both you have to use sunscreen.

I feel to combat blemishes and other forms of hyperpigmentation all three need to be involved in your skin care regimen. How you choose to incorporate them is all up to you.

  • You could use an exfoliating wash, or an exfoliating mask or peel, everyday, every other day or once a week. It depends on the strength of the exfoliating treatment you decide to use (naturally a gentle strength can be used daily and a stronger strength once a week).
  • Skin lightening cream or serums can be used to spot treat blemishes or used all over to even out your skin tone in general
  • Sunscreen can come in the form of a moisturizer or can be in your make up. It doesn’t matter just make sure you use something with at least an spf of 15…(30 is preferable). There are lots of foundations, tinted moisturizers and mineral powders that have spf.

It is possible to have an even blemish free complexion you have to work for it and make sure you find what works for your skin. There are so many products out there, just educate yourself on what does what, and listen to your skins needs.

God Bless!

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