Just Something About My Skin

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People ask me what my beauty routine is all the time, or how do I keep my complexion. Well like I said the in a previous post I avoid the sun like the plague for starters, and I always use sunscreen.

Aside from those two I have been a consistent user and fan of Diana Stalder products, especially their Papaya Soap and Toner. I keep telling people that for me it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and those who have used it consistently and religiously like I have will say the same.

As a Skin Whitening product, the soap is made from papain (papaya enzyme) which is a natural exfoliating and whitening agent. It also has Kojic acid which is derived from mushrooms, and is also a natural  skin lightener. Now when I say skin lightener, I DO NOT MEAN BLEACHING! These products don’t bleach your skin.

Using this soap and some of their other products have really helped me achieve and maintain a nice even complexion. To the point I don’t even worry about skin discoloration anymore. It is embedded in my routine.

It’s funny how people always think I just have naturally good skin….Nope I don’t, like my hair I have worked to keep my skin healthy and even.  Albeit I don’t have extremely bad skin, I am still prone to break outs/ acne so I need to make sure my skin is properly cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated.

I realized that a good cleansing and exfoliating routine can really work wonders for the skin.


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