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Looking at my nails, I realize for the past 3 months my they have been a disaster. I’ve never really had hard nails but my nails grow long and nicely shaped. Usually after my nails get to a certain length before they break. However as of recent my nails haven’t grown well at all.

This is a bit annoying, because I am used to having nice nails without having to wrap them, or use acrylic. Now, the moment my nails touch water they turn soft and split. It’s been like this for a few months and I’ve been wondering what’s going on. It also dawned on me that if my nails are lacking, my hair may be lacking too. Hence the shedding, the thin ends, etc

So now I realize that I must be doing something wrong, and I know what it is. My diet has been atrocious since the beginning of the year. I mean eating once a day, not eating enough vegetables, too much oil. Hmmm, I can’t remember the last time I had 3 square meals that were healthy.

It is very true that how healthy you are on the outside reflects how healthy you are on the inside. My skin, hair and nails are starting to suffer because of my poor diet. I am definitely going to start taking multivitamins. I’m in need of a serious health boost, because the health of my nails tells me that I am definitely deficient in something. So I am going on a hunt for some good skin, nails and hair vitamins.

I was quite impressed with the selection of stuff in Megacare Pharmacy on Awolowo road. So I may go check out what they’ve got!


  1. YAY, i love Megacare, they have everything!!!… Just bought some AVJ and eyeballing some

    Hair,Skin&Nails vitamins next.

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