Updates: April Relaxer and Trim

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Hi readers,

Well I just wanted to let you guys know that I relaxed my hair about 2 weeks ago, I stretched to about 13 weeks.  It turned out to be an ok relaxer, I accidentally under-processed my hair, so it’s like my hair is still due in some places. I think I may have to get a corrective relaxer for my next touch up so I don’t get any breakage.

I also finally decided to let go of the dead ends I’ve been holding on to for a while. Sigh… yes and I cut about 3 inches. (covers eyes) I originally said that I was going to maintain bsl for a while, and gradually trim of my dead ends, so I could have thicker hair. But it just wasn’t working. In fact, I feel that my thin scraggly ends were contaminating the rest of my hair. The thinner ends would just tangle with the thicker strands and cause breakage.

I just got tired of trying to preserve thin ends, why bother when I could have thick full ends that were healthy and easy to manage? Though my hair is  a bit shorter, it is so full and healthy looking now… I love it!

I’ve started taking vitamins, and using jamaican black castor oil to speed up growth so I have no doubt I’d be back to bsl in no time. I’m also protecting my ends more. No more heat, only keep my hair in buns and up dos, and I will start to baggy my ends 4-5 times a week.

I will do posts on all the measures I’m taking to maximize my growth, and increase my length retention.

Happy Reading!


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