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For a while now, I’ve been looking for the most convenient way to wash my hair, without it tangling or without breaking my back bending over the tub. I think I’ve finally found the best way for me. Two braids.

Now, I divide my hair in to two equal sections and make a tight braid on each side (not too tight but tight enough so that it doesn’t unravel during the wash). I clip once side up the gently shampoo each section one at a time as shown in the picture below.

Once each side is shampooed and clean, I  gently towel dry. Then I undo the braids, and proceed to deep condition as usual. So far this method has been working well for me and has made my wash days a lot easier. Less tangles, less breakage my hair is definitely happy.


  1. Ah yes, sectioning seems to be the only way I don’t lose my mind when washing my hair! Glad to see it’s not only the natural hair girls that have adopted this!

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