I’m just a girl who loves everything to do with hair and skin care. I started my hair growth journey in 2008 after I stumbled across Long Hair Care Forum. I was tired of my damaged hair and was looking for some help, when I found this amazing site for women of color. I never in my wildest dreams thought women of African descent could have such long and healthy hair. There are so many sites and forums dedicated to black hair care, sites like Hairlista and Keepitsimplesista, that educate black women about their hair.

In 2010 I moved to Nigeria, and since then I’ve had to adapt my hair care and skin care regimen to the tropical climate and a new lifestyle. With all the changes, I decided to set up this blog to document my hair growth progress and share what products or techniques work for me during the course of my journey.  Hopefully my experiences can assist other ladies with their beauty concerns and show them that African women can have long and healthy hair too!


  1. It is wonderful to read what you are doing. I am Nigerian and i find that its somewhat disappointing that we believe we cant grow long hair and we cant embrace our hair without all the weaves and so on.

    Even though i am based in Englnad, i will say Happy Healthy Hair Journey and i will be following your blog. I too am really into growing my hair

  2. I started my hair journey December 2009. I put my hair in protective styling for 3 months while dealing with my hair internally (i was taking perfectil and MSM) after the 3 month period, my hair was longer from ear length to neck length and thick with healthy ends. I have had about 3 set backs… my sister over processed my hair (root to tip) in sept then stylist used way too much heat on top of the over processing. Have had to cut over 2 inches off (a week ago) but rather healthy hair and a bit shorter (now back to lingering between shoulder and arm pit length) than scraggly ends…

    How long have you been on yours?

  3. hello BBF.
    was pleased to find ur website.it was like, finally! its come here. A short history, if uve got d time.
    last year i got tired of my hair generally. in my family we have great hair, long nd full nd mine? was d crowning beauty. like i said, was. Now my hair is weak short d i have a patch in d middle of my hair dat has refused to grow. its bin 5yrs. im i boring u yet? well for two yrs ive bin wearing wigs, i gave up on braids nd weavons cos i realised dy do more damage dan help. however i stumbled across longhaircareforum and i was like whoa! where have u been all my life, i started learning protective styling, bla bla bla, u no d works and decided to go natural. but another setback, like uve discovered many of d products raved about are not available, however ive bin using profective products. well until recently. sept last yr i took in,and i was hapi cos it was a reason to not get a perm (doctors advice against chemical treatments wen pregnant) well as pregnancy goes, every smell irritates me, suffice to say i had to trash my hair products nd im rily rily out of options, i cant oil my hair nd its going natural. yeah, i havnt combed my hair in weeks i cant. any advice u have i’ll be rily hapi 2 hear. just wantu encourage u nd tell u that ur not alone. some girls in lagos thru word of mouth have started going natural. ive bin tryin to start a nappy revolution! bt witout d right hair care products. its hard. im open to try urs, but i notice ur hair is permed. does it work for nappy hair?

    • Adeiza my nappy sister dnt i just love all things nappy although i v never tried her products but am sure n i think they ll work for you bcs there is really not much diff btw products for kinks n relaxed heads, her products n natural n am thinking organic so black hair is black hair relaxed or nappy needs the same kinda treatments mayb different techniques am waiting to try her hibiscus mist, am already a product junkie n i hope n pray that i use up all i have b4 they expire lol.

  4. @Keslafire Thanks! @ Adeiza just like Keslafire said, my products work on both natural, and relaxed heads. I have quite a bit of natural customers, in fact I suspect they may even be more than my relaxed customers self. And my products work quite well for them. Afro hair needs moisture whether whether natural or relaxed, and my products are specifically designed to add tons of moisture to your hair.

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