My New Regimen

my new regimen ft

In an earlier blog post I talked about my setbacks in 2013 and how I’m trying to adapt and do things differently this year. It’s important that I follow my own advice and listen to my hair.   My 2013 problems: Detangling my hair soaking wet- Big no-no now. Before after deep conditioning I could...+

Back To Blogging


I’m sure many of my readers have been wondering what has been going on with me and my hair, since I haven’t blogged in ages. Well I promise A LOT. I got married, been working hard on expanding Neriah Naturals, and a whole lot of other things I choose not to reveal until a later...+

How I Shampoo


For a while now, I’ve been looking for the most convenient way to wash my hair, without it tangling or without breaking my back bending over the tub. I think I’ve finally found the best way for me. Two braids. Now, I divide my hair in to two equal sections and make a tight braid...+