Neriah Naturals: Sweet Buttercream Deep Conditioning Treatment


The first deep conditioner in the Neriah Naturals line gives your hair moisture moisture and more moisture. This conditioner was formulated to deeply hydrate dry thirsty locks making hair lush and butter soft. Deep conditioning with this treatment will give you soft bouncy hair for days. It contains natural and intensive moisturizers that were intended...+

How I Shampoo


For a while now, I’ve been looking for the most convenient way to wash my hair, without it tangling or without breaking my back bending over the tub. I think I’ve finally found the best way for me. Two braids. Now, I divide my hair in to two equal sections and make a tight braid...+

Neriah Naturals: Super Phyto Restorative Treatment!!

Super phyto

Hi my fellow fanatics!!  Today I’m doing a feature post on my Super Phyto Restorative Treatment. In case you don’t know or aren’t sure, this is my intense protein treatment. I formulated it to give damaged and processed hair the strength to resist breakage, for added length and thickness. Black hair is prone to dryness,...+